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  • We premiere a Youtube channel! GRECIL – April 2020

We launched a YouTube channel where we compiled broadcast videos (talks, conferences, interviews) about the research we do at GRECIL. You can check here:


#Research #GRECIL

  • Ramón y Cajal grant 2019

The Research Group on Cognition and Language (GRECIL) at the Open University of Catalonia in Barcelona (Spain) is seeking to support applications in any field of speech and language disorders to research positions at the Ramon y Cajal call 2019.

The «Ramon y Cajal» contracts are full-time research positions for five years and are funded by the Spanish Government with the intention of incorporating and stabilizing researchers with experience abroad in the Spanish System of Science. These positions are tenure track.

Applicants must hold a PhD. Knowledge of Catalan or Spanish is not required.  Candidates need to apply to the Ministry of Science directly, but a prior contact and approval from a host group is highly desirable. We would like to review the candidates profile before they submit their application to the Ministry of Science. More information can be found below.

Located at the Open University of Catalonia in Barcelona (Spain), the Research Group on Cognition and Language (GRECIL) is part of the Department of Psychology and Education Sciences. Our group studies any aspect of human language and cognition, with a specific interest in speech, language, and cognitive impairments (more info on the group here).

The official deadline for the application is January 30.  Applicants are invited to contact the research group by January 20, sending a CV and a statement of research interests to Llorenç Andreu (landreub@uoc.edu). Decisions on whether support is granted by the host group will be taken by December January 22.

More information:

Ramón y Cajal (RyC) – MCIU

  • Packed lunch seminar November,  20th 2018

Title: L’input multimodal en l’adquisició de la fonologia en segones llengües durant l’etapa preescolar.

Speaker: Dra.Núria Esteve-Gibert

Format: 20-minute maximum presentation with discussion while we are having lunch.

Day and place:  Tuesday, November 20th at 1.30pm. 0A room Poblenou building (22@) – UOC. Contact to Alfonso Igualada to ask for access to the building (aigualada@uoc.edu)

Resultado de imagen

  • Packed lunch seminar October,  23th 2018

Title: Uso y preferencia de lengua en niños bilingües y monolingües con Trastorno del Espectro Autista: Análisis de contextos de exposición y uso de lenguas

Speaker: Fernanda Pachecho Vera

Format: 20-minute maximum presentation with discussion while we are having lunch.

Day and place:  Tuesday,  October 23th at 1.30pm. Seminary of the Department of Basic Psychology, Edifici de Ponent. Faculty of Psychology -UB.


  • Packed lunch seminar October,  3th 2018

Title: Integración audiovisual del habla en niños y niñas con TEL

Speaker: Laura Ferinu Sanz

Format: 20-minute maximum presentation with discussion while we are having lunch.

Day and place:  Tuesday,  October 3th at 1pm. 0A room Poblenou building (22@) – UOC. Contact to Alfonso Igualada to ask for access to the building (aigualada@uoc.edu)

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-28 at 10.16.38

  • Seminar and training about diagnosis and intervention in children with SLI in Lleida

Last Friday, September 21st, we went to do the first session organized by the CREDA of Lleida: Trastorn especfic del llenguatge: detecció, avaluació i intervenció.

  • Packed lunch seminars

This year the GRECIL group starts up a new open meeting to show the work we are doing. We will meet at the UOC or the UB every two weeks to listen to a 20-minute maximum presentation with discussion while we are having lunch. The next meeting will be:

Title: Statistical word learning in Spanish-Catalan children with Specific Language Impairment

Speaker: Nadia Ahufinger Sanclemente

Day and place: Tuesday, September 18th, from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the Seminary of the Department of Basic Psychology, Edifici de Ponent. Faculty of Psychology -UB.

  • Starting the holidays! Enjoy the summer!

August 2018


  • UOC University publishes our GRECIL group presentation video
  • We started the Packed lunch Seminars of GRECIL group!

July 2018

On July 15th we did our first Packed lunch Seminar organized by the GRECIL lab. The format is 20 minutes of presentation and discussion while we are having dinner.

The first presentation was done by Dr. Gemma Moya Galé: Pràctica basada en la evidència en els trastorns motors de la parla: Casos en malaltia de Parkinson i atròfia multisistèmica.

28-30 June 2018

We attended to the XXXI International Congres AELFA in Granada and we presented 6 posters:

– Uso y preferencia de la lengua en niños (entre 6 y 12 años) bilingües con Trastorno del Apectro Autista. Fernanda Pacheco-Vera, Nicolás Linares, Josué García Arch, Alfonso Igualada, Llorenç Andreu y Mònica Sanz-Torrent.

– Repetición de pseudopalabras en niños y niñas bilingües catalán-castellano con Trastorno Específico del Lenguaje. Laura Ferinu, Nadia Ahufinger, Fernanda, Pacheco-Vera, Anabela Cruz y Julia Evans.

– Victimización lingüística, interacción social y síntomas emocionales en los niños y adolescentes con dificultades lingüísticas. Josué García Arch, Adrián Ibáñez Rodríguez, Marta Espinosa, Cristina Luna, Laura Ferinu, Nadia Ahufinger y Mònica Sanz-Torrent.

– El aprendizaje implícito en niños y niñas bilingües con TEL: Un estudio con Eye-Tracker. Nadia Ahufinger, Laura Ferinu, John Trueswell, Julia Evans, Mònica Sanz-Torrent y Llorenç Andreu. 

– Integración de gesto y habla en niños con Trastorno del Espectro Autista. Alfonso Igualada y Clara Andrés.

– Efectos acústicos de la manipulación de la intensidad y velocidad del habla en pacientes con Parkinson. Gemma Moya Galé.

Dr. Spyros Christou presented an oral communication: Comprensión de morfología verbal de tiempo en niños/as con Trastorno Específico del Lenguaje: evidencias de eye tracking.

This work was a collaboration between different researchers from the Universitat de Barcelona, la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, la Universidad de Chile y la Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano.

With this presentation, Dr. Christou closed the cycle of his academic training in Barcelona and as a research team, we wish him the best in his new projects.


  • II International Conference for professionals in bilingual education in Madrid

June 2018

The Ph.D. student Fernanda Pacheco was one of the invited speakers at the II International Conference for professionals in bilingual education in Madrid. She presented the results of the study «Use and preference of language in children (between 6 and 12 years) bilingual with Autism.


  • European Congress of Speech and Language in Portugal

May 2018

Dr. Gemma Moya presented a speech treatment proposal to improve intelligibility in patients with multisystemic atrophy at the European Congress of Speech and Language Therapy (CPLOL), held in Estoril, Portugal, from 10-12 May.


  • Spyros is a doctor!

May 2018

Spyros Christou defended his doctoral thesis called «Language comprehension in children with Specific Language Impairment: an Eye Tracking study». Which was rated as Cum Laude.


  • XII Symposium about dyslexia in Catalonia

April 2018

Dr. Llorenç Andreu was one of the speakers at the 12th Symposium about dyslexia in Catalonia to discuss about dyslexia and SLI.


  • Interview with Dr. Llorenç Andreu in betevé television about dyslexia

March 2018

Dr. Llorenç Andreu has been interviewed to talk about dyslexia.

You can see the whole program here.


  • European Day of Speech and Language Therapy (March 6th)

March 2018

Dr. Alfonso Igualada (director of the new degree of Speech and Language Therapy at the UOC-UVic-UCC and member of our research group) talks about the role of speech therapists in our country.

You can read it here.


  • GRECIL recognized as Emerging Research Group

February 2018

The GRECIL research Group has been recognized as an Emerging Research Group (GRE). for the Generalitat de Catalunya with the grants (SGR 2017-2019). Group code: 2017 SGR 387.


  • «The Good Virus» to understand the Specific Language Impairment (SLI)

January 2017

Dr. Llorenç Andreu has participated in an awareness campaign on Specific Language Impairment (SLI) that has organized the Associació Trastorn Específic del Llenguatge de Catalunya (ATELCA) in collaboration with the advertising agency CONTRAPUNTO BBDO to disseminate and raise awareness about the Specific Disorder of the Impairment (TEL).

This campaign includes the creation and promotion of ExamAlert, a software that supposedly allows students to receive notifications and alerts in their calendars about exam dates, classroom changes, and posting notes, etc.

Chrome: http://bit.ly/2nR9ZNl

FireFox: https://mzl.la/2jx5Lt5

Once installed on the computer, the first three times the user tries to write something, the keyboard will not write what he will want but symbols and erroneous letters. This fact wants to simulate what children with SLI feel when they want to express themselves.

In the following video you can see a summary of the campaign: https://youtu.be/ScRph1rLjiE

llorenç GoodVirus

  • Visit from Chile

January 2017

The professor of the Fonoaudiologia degree in the Facultad de Medicina at the Universidad de Chile, Claudia Araya, has come to visit us to get to know each other the research we are carrying out in Chile and Barcelona and to talk about future research.

Thank you Claudia!

  • Research saty at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia

October – December 2017

The Ph.D. student from our lab Nadia Ahufinger has done a research stay at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia in order to make the statistical analysis of her data under the supervision of Dr. John Trueswell, principal researcher of the Language Processing and Language Development Lab of the Department of Psychology.


  • Presentation in ASHA’s convention in Los Angeles

 November 9-12, 2017 

Dr. Gemma Moya Galé presented her research project ‘ A combined Speech Treatment Approach in Multiple System Atrophy: A Case Study’ at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Convention.


  • Stay in Albacete: Research about Autism Spectrum Disorder

November 2017

Dr. Alfonso Igualada and the Ph.D. student Fernanda Pacheco V., members of the group, were in Albacete to collect data, which will be analyzed for their respective lines of research: language, gestures and Autism Spectrum Disorder in different linguistic contexts. They participated with the Autism Development Association in Albacete and the collaboration of the School Dr. Fleming.

Albacete Pasaciones Asociacion Desarrollo

  • Research stay from Brazil to our lab

July – November 2017

It was a pleasure to welcome Ana Paula Martins Alves, a Ph.D. student from the Federal University of Ceara (Brazil), who has been in our laboratory doing a research stay under the supervision of Dr. Llorenç Andreu from July to November of 2017. During her stay, we have been working together with the analysis data of the experiments of her doctoral thesis.

Thanks, Ana Paula!

  • III Learning Dificulties Conference

November 2017

We celebrated the III Learning Dificulties Conference offered by the Màster Dificultats de l’Aprenentatge i Trastorns del Llenguatge  (UOC) in Barcelona (CaixaFòrum). We had different invited speakers like Dra. Susan Ebbels, Director of Research and Training at the newly formed Research and Training Institute at Moor House School & College, Surrey, UK. Other speakers like Dr.Clara Andrés Roqueta, Ph.D. in Psychology and extraordinary award in her Ph.D. at Universitat Jaume I and Dr. Alfonso Igualada Pérez, member of our lab, were invited too.

  • 14h International Congress fot the Study of Child Language (IASCL 2017)

July 17-21, 2017

We presented the poster called “The Role of Verb Semantics in Language Production in Children with SLI: An Eye Movements Study”. L. Andreu; S. Christou; N. Ahufinger; L. Ferinu; MJ. Buj; F. Pacheco; M.Sanz-Torrent.

  • Research stay in Dallas-Texas

March – June 2017

Dr. Mònica Sanz-Torrent and Dr. Llorenç Andreu Barrachina are spending their last days at the CALLIER center (Center for Communication Disorders) at the University of Texas in Dallas after being 3 months working with Dr. Júlia Evans (Child Language and Cognitive Processes Laboratory) in a project about SLI and implicit learning. They received a Jose Castillejo and Salvador Madariaga grants.


  • Research stay in Chile

March – June 2017

The Ph.D. student Spyros Christou is doing a research stay at the University of Chile. He is finalizing his doctoral thesis entitled: «Understanding language in children with Specific Language Disorders, an Eye Tracking study.» The research stay takes place in two centers of the University of Chile. Firstly, in the Department of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology at the School of Medicine, and secondly at the Center for Advanced Research in Education (CIAE). The research stay is under the supervision of Dr. Carmen Julia Coloma. She is a professor at the Faculty of Medicine and researcher at CIAE. This stay establishes an international and interdisciplinary communication bridge that will allow future and fruitful collaborations for a better understanding of the nature of this disorder.

  • We are doing research in Puerto Rico!

February – April 2017

The Ph.D. student Fernanda Pacheco V. is doing a research stay at the FILIUS Institute (University of Puerto Rico). The main reason for this stay is to collect part of the data that will form part of her doctoral thesis. She obtained a mobility scholarship from the University of Barcelona.


  • To speak, one learns by speaking

Interview with Dr.Llorenç Andreu in the newspaper «La Razón – Comunitat Valenciana» about the difficulties that can be found in children with language disorders in our society. How new technologies are affecting children with language disorders? Are there academic consequences because of the disorder?

You can download the article at the following link:

A hablar se aprende hablando


  • SLI article in a newspaper 

December 4, 2016

Dr. Llorenç Andreu wrote an article about SLI  in the newspaper La Mañana – Lleida. «NENS ESTRANGERS EN EL SEU PROPI IDIOMA – FOREIGN CHILDREN IN THEIR OWN LANGUAGE».

You can download the article to the following link:

Nens estrangers en el seu propi idioma


  • II Learning Dificulties Conference (II Jornada Dificultats de l’aprenentatge)

November 26, 2016

We celebrated  II Learning Difficulties Conference offered by the Màster Dificultats de l’Aprenentatge i Trastorns del Llenguatge  (UOC) in Barcelona (CaixaFòrum). We had different invited speakers like Dr.Evans, who is collaborating with us in our lab, she is a professor from UTD (the University of Texas at Dallas) in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences. Other speakers like Francesc Sistach who created different Apps for children with Autism were invited too.

  • Dr. Javier Rodríguez-Ferreiro – Seminario sobre Dislexia

November 23, 2016

Javier Rodríguez-Ferreiro is a doctor in Psychologist, a specialist in Psycholinguistics and Language Neurology. He is a collaborator in our lab and he talked about Dyslexia in one of de workshops organized by Xarxa Territorial de la UOC and by the Máster de Dificultades del Aprendizaje y Trastornos del Lenguaje last 23rd of November. He analyzed different aspects about dyslexia showing real examples and he did a revision about the effectiveness of different design interventions.

  • ATELCA en el Parlamento de Cataluña

November 18, 2016

ATELCA association was in the Catalonia Parlament to introduce their work and to raise awareness about the Specific Language Impairment. This way they showed to the politicians what are the necessities and the interventions that children with SLI need to have a better life.

Dr. Llorenç Andreu was there to talk about how important SLI is from a research perspective.


  •  Symposium on language processing in children with SLI: evidence through eye movements.

September 7-9, 2016

The Grecil group attended to the VIII International Congress of Language Acquisition in Palma de Mallorca to present different studies we have done in our research group in a symposium format. We explained our work methodology based on the registration of eye movements with the eye-tracker machine


  • Llorenç Andreu was interviewed in the “El periódico” newspaper about the Specific Language Impairment.

August 2016

«What happens, admits Andreu, it is that in many cases it is not until about five years when is clearly seen the difference between a child who suffers a specific disorder and a child who is simply a late talker». «In fact, says the specialist, «25% of children who are slow when they start to talk, then they develop a language disorder.»

If you want to read all the interview you can find it here:

Un 7% de los niños padecen trastornos en el lenguaje

Gonzalo, a 7 years-old child who has SLI with his mum Susana.
  • Going to Dallas-Texas!

March 2016

One of the PhD students in our research group (Nadia Ahufinger) is going to Dallas to do a predoctoral stay during 3 months in the CALLIER center (Center for Communication Disorders) in the University of Texas at Dallas to collaborate with Dr. Júlia Evans (Child Language and Cognitive Processes Laboratory). Have a good trip!


February, 4th 2016

An introductory course to the Eye-Tracker in charge of Dr. Llorenç Andreu for all those professors of the Faculty of Psychology in the University of Girona who were interested in learning the operation of the machine for their research. We share knowledge!

December, 12th 2015

Dr. Courtenay Norbury (University of London), Dr. Víctor Manuel Acosta Rodriguez (Universidad de la Laguna) and Katy Garcia Nonell (CNIM) were the speakers of the II ATELCA workshop. Dr. Llorenç Andreu, Dr. Mònica Sanz-Torrent and Mª José Buj taught parents and professionals how to stimulate their children’s language.

November, 18th-20th 2015

We exposed the poster – “Trastorno específico del lenguaje (TEL): evaluación de la comprensión, de la producción y de variables no lingüísticas en diferentes subtipos”. Mª José Buj, Laura Ferinu, Romina Fernández, Laura Arestin, Spiros Christou, Roser Colome, Ruth de Diego, Llorenç Andreu i Mònica Sanz-Torrent:

October, 28th 2015

Within the cycle, SEUminaris offered MU Dificultats de l’aprenentatge i Trastorns del Llenguatge (UOC) we had the opportunity to share our research with Dr. Elma Blom (University of Utrecht).

September, 30th 2015

The Ph.D. candidate of our research group Laura  Ferinu Sanz presented her TFM after receiving the first award. «Trastorno Específico del Lenguaje: Evaluación de la comprensión, de la producción y de variables no lingüísticas en diferentes subtipos».

September, 23th 2015

This year the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) turns 20 years of history. We have been there to celebrate it.

  • 3rd #SpinUOC Workshop: Dr. Llorenç Andreu i Barrachina presented recerTEL project at the 3rd edition of the SpinUOC, the annual conference of the UOC transferable knowledge.

June, 18th 2015

June 2015

Ph.D. candidates Nadia Ahufinger and Laura Ferinu could attend the International Congress on statistical learning that took place in San Sebastian from 25-27th of June 2015.